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  • How many people in the balloon basket?
  • Where do we fly from?
  • How often to we fly?
  • Can I fly over my village?
  • How long is the flight?
  • What time are our balloon flights?
  • What happens if the weather is bad?
  • Do we have long waiting lists?
  • Will it be cold in the balloon?
  • How old do you have to be?
  • How many people in the balloon basket?

Our balloon flies with a max of 8 passengers, (many others fly with 16-20!). We put individuals, couples or groups together in fly in your chosen area. Alternatively you can book your own private balloon for up to 2 or 3 passengers.

We fly in 2 different areas as shown on our Launch site page. As with all balloon flights, we fly with the wind so in certain wind directions we run out of room or end up in difficult landing situations. To avoid this we will choose a launch site within your chosen area to give you the best and safest balloon flight. However, we do select a preferred launch site for each flight and then only move if we have to.

We fly all year round scheduling flights on every flyable day. Through the main summer months we schedule evening flights through the week and then morning and evening flights at the w/e. The winter flying, although spectacular, tends to be a little more restricted due to the unsettled winter weather. If you have booked your own private balloon flight these can be taken at any time including midweek mornings.

You may be lucky enough to do so but there are no guarantees. Balloons only fly with the wind so we have to go where we are taken. However, you can choose which area you want to fly in so you will be over familiar countryside.

We plan to fly for about an hour, depending on suitable landing sites, but to do this we need about 3-3hrs30mins of your time from the time we meet until we return back to the launch site. We think it's much more fun and interesting if you turn up when we do and get involved with the rigging and inflation. Then at the other end after landing we all muck in and help with the packing up before we tuck in to some suitable liquid refreshment to toast our adventure!

Balloons fly in the more stable conditions found at either end of the day when the sun is not stirring it all up. We therefore meet just after sunrise (can be pretty early mid summer!)or a few hours before sunset. The timings changing as the length of the day changes.

Unlike the larger companies we keep in touch prior to your flight and advise on the weather prospects as soon as we can. If we know the weather is going to be bad, we tell you, rather than making you wait until 3/4 hrs before your meeting time! If we do lose a flying slot you can rebook as soon as it's convenient.

We don't have long waiting lists or use electronic booking systems. We also only fly in this area (rather than the big national companies) so we are here to fly when the weather is good!

It is normally warmer in the balloon than it is on the ground because the balloon flies with the wind, so there is no breeze at all while we fly. You should wear normal outdoor clothing and good solid footware as if you were out for a country walk.

There is no legal limit but we recommend children should be at least 6/7yrs old and at least 4' tall to see over the basket. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. At the other end of the scale there is no limit so long as you are reasonably fit and agile enough to get in and out of the basket. We have flown 2 sisters who were 91 and 95!!

Hot Air Balloon Rides - FAQ
Wind:020' 4 kts
Visibility:10 km
Pressure:1021 mb

Hot Air Balloon Rides - FAQ
Hot Air Balloon Rides - FAQ
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Hot Air Balloon Rides - FAQ
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